USB flash drive made from eco-friendly materials will become your time capsule

A lot of people are so attached to their smartphones because of all the memories associated with it. They keep them around, sometimes when they’re not even working anymore. There are also those who change their mobile devices pretty often. Both these kinds of people are contributing in one way or another to electronic trash that are not always that easy to dispose of or to recycle. The past years we’ve seen a lot of projects and products that aim to solve this growing problem of electronic waste.

Designer: Eunsu Lee

The Memory Capsule is a concept created for a design challenge with Samsung. On the surface, it looks like just your regular USB flash drive. But if you look deeper into how it is made and the reasoning behind the concept, then you’ll understand why it is not that typical and why it’s called that. First of all, it is made from eco-friendly materials and most of it comes from old electronic devices. The packaging itself uses recycled pulp while the body of the flash drive comes from metals and plastics recycled from actual smartphones. The cap of the thumb drive is made from recycled polycarbonate that comes from fishing nets that are thrown away.

It even has an LED display that will mark the date of the data that you are saving from the discarded smartphone. You will be able to get the Memory Capsule from a kiosk where you will also surrender your old smartphone and save the “memories” that are from that device. Once you’ve backed up all your files from the smartphone onto the kiosk, then you’ll be presented with the flash drive that contains all of it. It’s unsure if the data will be saved in the kiosk itself but hopefully they’ll take into consideration data protection.

It’s something pretty simple but the campaign behind it is the more important part of the device. This is to encourage people to get rid of their old devices in a more upcyclable and recyclable way while also retaining the precious memories from the device. And of course, the fact that it will be made from eco-friendly maerials is a big consideration.