Southern California Goes Solar Plant

Solar panels have been around for quite a few years now, but like any great technology, it takes hundreds of iterations before it catches on as a perfectly suitable solution to masses of everyday problems. Here’s another piece in that great puzzle. Nectar Design’s made a fabulously pretty set of plant-esque solar panels by the name of Solarflora™. This project’s already been adopted by a charter school in Southern California. Plant em everywhere! Cute!

The first location for these planted panels is an urban garden operated by the publicly funded charter New City Schools in SoCal. Each Solarflora is a flower-like sculpture designed with three solar panels, each one representing a “leaf.” Each leaf provides 90 watts of poster and maximum amperage for the fully functional on-site offices at these NCS schools.

Yay please send me a million. Super day!

Designer: Nectar Design

Solarflora by Nectar Design