Retro-inspired LOFREE TOUCH PBT wireless mouse comes with swappable keycaps for matching workspace theme

The good old mouse has evolved into an accessory that can improve your productivity exponentially, that’s if you get the hang of using all the buttons and set the customization options in line with hand ergonomics and muscle memory. Take for example Logitech MX Master 3S, Corsair SCIMITAR RGB ELITE or Logitech G305. In an editor’s hand, any one of these mouse can be a potent tool.

The shape of these high-end mouse has also evolved into a much more modern aesthetic, considering the position of the hand and the multiple buttons. But there’s always a time when you want to experience the retro charm of the good old PC accessory without giving up on the modern functions.

Designer: LOFREE

The old-school LOFREE TOUCH PBT wireless mouse comes with swappable buttons to change the look if you get bored with the existing one. Non-glossy, non-sticky and skin-friendly texture of the mouse keys – MB1, MB2 and the upper case – is soft to the touch of hand and fingers. This ensures you can match it to the setup of your desk or room. The mouse is loaded with the 3805 sensor and PAW3805 outputting 4000 DPI for use on glass or any other surface where an ordinary mouse simply doesn’t work. This also holds merit for high-end gaming for times you are not working.

The rechargeable mouse works for 75 hours before requiring another recharge. Everything set aside, the 80s-inspired look of this mouse is what grabs the attention more than anything else. Add to that the ability to replace the PBT keycaps on top of the Cherry MX-style stems, and you’ve got an accessory that’ll draw you to the desk without fail. The beige-colored mouse weighing 106 grams is a tag on the heavier side, and can be a deal breaker for finicky users. Priced at $69, the retro-inspired mouse is a unique one to add to the collection.