This Ethereal Wood-Wrapped House Looks Like Something From a Fairytale

Designed with the whimsical beauty one can only find in fiction, this literal tree-house features an entire wooden outer facade made of pieces of wood wrapping around each in an organic style almost like the roots of a tree. Dubbed the ‘Wooden Egg’, this wondrous home takes inspiration from nests and how birds have an innate ability to turn wooden twigs into a concave vessel for their eggs to rest in. Playing on that theme, designer Shoaib Sha decided to make a nest-like home with an overall egg shape… with the residents being the baby hatchlings!

Designer: Shoaib Sha

The gentle curves of this elevated residence guide your eyes, revealing the fluidity of its interior spaces. But it’s not just about visual allure; the choice of timber as the primary material serves a dual purpose. Not only does it infuse the residence with a warm and inviting ambiance, but it also rekindles our love for traditional materials like wood in architecture, rejecting the logical, mechanical brutalist approach of concrete and steel.

“Each curve and angle is meticulously crafted to optimize natural light, ventilation, and energy efficiency, enhancing the overall living experience while minimizing environmental impact,” says designer Shoaib Sha. “This residence stands as an abstractive art form of architecture’s potential to elevate the human experience while celebrating the beauty and resilience of the natural world.”