The AirTag Gets Tough Competition from This Razor Slim Credit-Card-Sized Tracker with Apple Find My

What I find disappointing about the AirTag is that it’s the one recent product Apple truly needs to redesign, but hasn’t in the past two years. The Watch, AirPods, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook have ALL seen upgrades over the last two years, but the AirTag is still a thick, bulky coin-shaped device that you can’t fit into your wallet or your cardholder. The AirTag’s strange shape makes it oddly bulky, allowing third-party makers to design better tracking devices instead. Designed to be the same size as a credit card, the Slimca HERE offers a perfectly slick alternative to Apple’s own tracking device. It’s razor-thin, making it easy to slide into wallets, has global tracking, a left-behind reminder, a built-in speaker, and works over Apple’s Find My network.

Designers: Jerry Lin & Hironari Minami

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Super slim profile that fits into your wallet easily.

Specially designed ultra-slim USB-C charging cable.

The Slimca HERE has quite a few things working for it, the most important one being its 0.9-millimeter thick design (that’s 0.0354 inches, for you metric nay-sayers). That feature alone puts the Slimca HERE as the thinnest Apple Find My-compatible tracking device ever made, outshining card-shaped trackers from Chipolo and Tile, while still being USB-C rechargeable. The entire tracker has a flexible design, allowing it to easily fit into most traditional bifold wallets and even giving it a gentle amount of flexibility so it can take on any slight bending that comes from day-to-day use. The Slimca HERE’s card-shaped design means it slides into card holders, lanyards, pockets, backpacks, purses, and other slim slots too, offering nearly all the features of an AirTag but in a razor-thin design.

Real-time updates via Apple FindMy for precise tracking, ensuring stability and regular updates.

Like most trackers, the Slimca HERE works globally, offering real-time tracking right within the Apple Find My application. Add it as a device on your Find My network, and you can see its position anywhere across the globe, thanks to its Airgain antenna that offers remarkable wireless connectivity. Aside from being able to spot the tracking device on a map, you can even remotely trigger it to play an alarm, helping you find it faster. Dual-speakers in the card help fire loud 105dB audio in 360°, helping you locate the tracker through sound when it’s in the vicinity. A left-behind reminder allows the Slimca HERE to directly ping your phone if you accidentally leave it behind (or if it stops being within proximity of your smartphone), and if someone’s Slimca HERE makes it into your belongings or personal space for more than 1-3 days, it notifies you to let you know that you’re being tracked.

A common trade-off with slim tracking devices is the lack of proper battery charging procedures. The AirTag itself comes with a replaceable battery, but the CR2032 batter is thicker than the Slimca HERE tracking device itself! Most other trackers just have their own lithium-ion battery that’s hermetically sealed within, making the entire product disposable in the long run, but the Slimca HERE has a rather clever workaround. It sports a pretty bare-basic USB-C port, hidden behind a removable metal cap. Plug a cable into the port and you can now recharge your tracker, giving it 5 months of use on a full charge. A power button lets you turn on/off the tracker too, helping conserve its battery.

The Slimca HERE comes crafted from 304 Stainless Steel, one of the most preferred alloys used in gadgets and wearables. It comes with a golden-plated back that gives it an almost premium credit card-like appeal, while a cutout lets you easily string a lanyard directly to the card in case you don’t want to put it in a wallet. The Slimca HERE is designed to be IP64 dust and water-resistant, and comes with a 1-year warranty. It sports a competitive $31 price tag and ships globally starting January 2024.

Click Here to Buy Now: $31 $56 (44% off). Hurry, only 15/485 left!