A Product for All Us Phone-Addicts!


We are repeatedly warned about the repercussions of using our mobile devices immediately before going to sleep… but how many of us actually listen? Well, not too many of us, as it turns out! 62% of us are now suffering from sleep deprivation and this could be directly linked to us staring blankly into the screens!

NITE is a conceptual design where the focus centers around the reduction of mobile phone use before sleep, whilst simultaneously removing the anxiety of phones overheating during charging. The simplistic, Braun-inspired, design contains the mobile phone at night, with the locked door keeping it away from tempted hands! When closed, the transparent, electro-chromic window frosts over, to reduce the light emission so sleep is not interrupted!

But don’t worry, in an emergency the phone can still be accessed by holding the release button down for 10 seconds! I think it’s fair to say that quite a lot of us could do with a product like this!

Designer: Oliver Sinclair