The SkyTrek is less of a luggage carrier and more of a smart wardrobe on wheels

I’m honestly just pleasantly surprised at how much innovation is happening in the luggage space, and how every new design is markedly different from the last. Meet the SkyTrek, a luggage carrier that was designed around the process of traveling, taking inspiration from how we interact with our wardrobes. SkyTrek isn’t a suitcase or a check-in bag. It’s really just a smart wardrobe that travels with you. With a fingerprint scanner, global GPS tracker, on-board detachable power-bank, and a pretty ingenious vertical opening system, SkyTrek is refreshingly different as luggage carriers go, but it keeps its experience authentic. Here, let me explain.

If you’ve ever owned a suitcase or a travel case before, you know that they all open like laptops do. Horizontally. This often means that if your items in the upper half aren’t secured correctly, you’re in for a world of pain as half your stuff spills out onto the other half every time you lift the lid. SkyTrek’s design allows it to be opened vertically, like a wardrobe. Its two halves are designed to model a cupboard, with clothes on one side, complete with hooks for hangers, and a row of cabinets on the other, for all your travel accouterments, from your shoes to toiletries, cosmetics to grooming kits. The cabinet-style storage unit is customizable, with sliding partitions based on your personal needs. To its right is your wardrobe, with enough space for a week’s worth of clothes and even a retractable row of hooks you can use to hang garments! Whenever you need, just open the suitcase like you would a cupboard, by swinging the two sides open, and you can easily access the insides, without going down on all fours and practically unpacking your entire suitcase because the TSA agent found something in your bag. SkyTrek lets you conveniently access your belongings, without requiring you to make a mess of your compact arrangement.

That’s the story of the main compartment, but SkyTrek has a lot more to offer. Aside from taking inspiration from our interaction with wardrobes, the travel-case also looks at the pain-points of how we usually travel. It ditches the pesky combination lock for a fingerprint scanner, another familiar experience… and even features an on-board tracking system which activates when on the ground, and goes into flight-mode when you’re in the sky. The bag arms itself with extra compartments on the outside, for your quick-access belongings like your phone, laptop, passport, etc., letting you go through security check like an absolute pro, while also giving you the peace of mind of not mixing your tech with your clothes. The outer compartments are shock-proof too, protecting your tech from any rough luggage handlers either at the airport or at the hotel. Lastly, no smart-travel-case is really complete without a battery pack, and the SkyTrek comes equipped with its own 5200mAh battery that you can easily remove if and when needed. The battery lets you power your smartphone and even simultaneously powers the case’s smart features, while SkyTrek’s flat top doubles up as a working space that you can rest your laptop on. Neat, eh? And you’ve got two sizes to choose from… a cabin-friendly smaller variant, and a larger check-in version for those longer trips!

Designer: Jinyoung Song

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SkyTrek – Your First Smart Luggage with Vertical Opening

The SkyTrek is a smart luggage with a fingerprint scanner, global GPS tracker, on-board detachable power-bank, and a vertical opening system.

Removable Power Source

SkyTrek Smart Luggage comes with a Removable Power Source for you to charge your electronic devices whenever you want. It comes with 5200 mA*h of charge and can support your SkyTrek Smart Luggage technology continuously for 11 days, standby for almost 1 month, and recharge an iPhone X completely 1.5 times (it only needs 1.5 hours to be fully charged).

Two Front Pockets

SkyTrek has 2 Front Pockets to let you quickly access your frequently used gear; for example the 26-inch SkyTrek’s larger bottom front pocket is suitable for up to 14-inch laptops; and the 20-inch Carry-on front pocket is suitable for up to 13-inch laptops.

The top Small front pocket can be used to handily store passports, tickets and documents, freeing up your clothing pockets or reducing the need to have an extra bag for such items.

Garment Hanger

SkyTrek’s Garment Hanger helps you to keep things neat and wrinkle-free. You can also hide this innovative integrated hanger by rotating it out of the way to save space when you don’t need it.

Organized Interior Storage

SkyTrek’s adjustable space helps you maximize the benefits of being flexible and catering to your real demands of travel. It provides a personalized way of using your luggage and lets you customize how your interior space is used.

It includes Waterproof Bag for your toiletries, a Padded Bag to protect your electronic devices and a Regular Packing Bag to keep things tidy.

Vertical Opening

With SkyTrek Smart Luggage, you can handily open your suitcase even when it’s upright with full privacy because of the specially designed storage covers included.

Mobile Workstation

You can quickly use SkyTrek Smart Luggage as your Mobile Work Station with the top, flat surface turning into a great platform for a cup of coffee, a desk, a meal table, or just simply to put your feet up comfortably!

Dual Battery System

For SkyTrek Smart Luggage, apart from the removable battery source, there is also a miniature integrated NI-HM battery that complies with airline regulations and is used to keep the SkyTrek Smart Luggage solution functioning for up to 3 days when the main battery source is removed.

Global Tracking System and Fingerprint/FaceID TSA Lock

SkyTrek‘s extensively tested global tracking system adopts 3G + Wi-Fi + GPRS network connections to narrow down the luggage location as effectively as possible so you will always know precisely where it is. Simply open the SkyTrek app on your phone and click “Location” and you will know where your luggage is.

The Smart Lock has an integrated fingerprintID system and is powered by SkyTrek’s dual battery system, so simply put your finger over the reader and open your luggage. You can also unlock your luggage through the SKyTrek app that supports iOS TouchID / FaceID as well as Android security unlock methods.

Digital Scale and Anti Loss Alarm

Open the SkyTrek app, select “Digital Scale” and then lift you luggage by top handle and the luggage weight will show up on your phone. The SkyTrek Smart Luggage solution comes with an Anti-Lost Alarm that makes forgetting your luggage in a taxi or leaving it behind a thing of the past, invisibly tethering your phone to your SkyTrek luggage for safety through adjustable proximity sensor technology.



Click Here to Buy Now: $209 $418 (50% off). Hurry, Only 11/410 Left!