PlayStation 6 concept with industrial looks and a retro-modern controller could actually work in 2027

Sony’s next big gaming console is in works under the wraps and will not be revealed any time soon. This development came to light when two job listings from Sony (now removed from the job board) hinted about their future intent. They were looking for someone who could help the company in “contributing to identifying and developing the technology portfolio of future PlayStation platforms.”

Backed by the fact that PlayStation 6 is going to be a living reality in the coming years, the concept design world couldn’t help but reignite their imagination. The PS6 concept with a streamlined design and the minimalistic one are the prime examples. Pretty futile exercise if you look from a neutral perspective but ask any gamer out there, and it is in fact not!

Designer: Darko DARMAR Markovic

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Slated for 2027 release, the next-gen Sony gaming console will give the PS5 a solid stint of seven years before presenting gamers with the next big graduation of the world’s most famous gaming console. When the PS5 was released back in 2020 it was already a very futuristic design compared to the likes of Xbox. That trait will most definitely carry onto the PS6, and this concept design with a very industrial look could be a very good starting point for the in-house Sony designers.

Taking a leap to a very Cyberpunk aesthetic with the wireless controller slot on the sides makes more sense than ever. It looks like an introverted Cyborg Mecha, ready to reveal its furious side. While the console unit has a futuristic DNA to it, the controller seems like a nostalgic mix of classic controllers graduated into the next-gen Metaverse world. That said, it is very sleek and the buttons are ergonomically positioned for tactical in-game advantage.


The vertical design approach gives this PlayStation 6 a staunch character much like the current generation console. Combined with the cool color options (Pristine White, Cool Blue and Military Green) that Darko has proposed, the PS6 could continue its dominance in this form.