Bid Farewell To Summer 2023 With These Supersized Pasta Pool Floats

Summertime means there is excitement in the air, pina coladas in our hands, and of course beads of sweat on our foreheads.  But, unfortunately, summer 2023 is coming to an end! As we gear up for fall, it is only fair that we pay tribute to the excellent summer we had with a few super cool products such as the Pool Pasta collection. The quirky collection is something you definitely would love to get your hands on to prepare for summer next year.

Designer: Jumbo x The Standard Hotel

The Standard Hotel teamed up with NYC design studio Jumbo to create the adorable Pool Pasta collection which is basically a range of pasta-shaped inflatable pool floats! Inspired by Italian cuisine and the various types of pastas, these pool noodles provide pool lovers with a playful and amusing experience. The collection includes large macaroni, farfalle, rigatoni, lasagna, tortellini, ravioli, and shells. Pick the pasta float of your choice, and float around as if you’re in a massive pot of water.

The collection of giant pastas was launched in December 2022 at Art Basel Miami. The floats were designed to add some whimsical fun to the iconic pool at the Standard Miami. The pool floats perfectly replicate the type of pasta they are mimicking, and in fact, they feature an Emoji-like essence, that makes them even more animated and quirky. The pasta shapes have a personality and identity of their own! They’re all a standard pasta yellow, and we do wonder if wouldn’t it have been more fun if the pastas were made in various color options. Imagine the Standard Miami pool scattered with myriad pasta shapes in pink, blue, orange, magenta, or even purple!

These supersized pasta shapes will have more installations in Ibiza, Hua Hin, Bangkok, and the Maldives. But if you’re in the mood to relax and unwind on a massive tortellini, and or catch a nap on a ginormous macaroni in your pool, then you can check out the Pool Pasta collection online, and grab a few for yourself! Pick the pasta shape that perfectly defines you and your pasta preferences and adorn your yard pool with them!