Steampunk PC, Oh So Retro!

Did you notice the sudden retro wave that’s hit most ID designers? It’s like they’ve gone nostalgic and strung an emotional cord with gadgets from the past. The Philco PC here is a prime example of such inspirations, totally reminiscent of the 1954 design classic Philco Predicta! Indulge in it for the aesthetic value, as for the specs…yea it does host Windows 7. But then again we’re here for the love of design, specs can take a hike for the moment!

Designer: SchultzeWORKS designstudio

Philco PC from Dave Schultze on Vimeo.

Philco PC Retro Re-design by SchultzeWORKS designstudio





  • I'm not a retro fan either, but this was done well. I still don't think I would ever buy it. Mostly cuz Im a mac person. But I LOVE the keyboard. If that were sold separately I would buy NOW.

  • Art says:

    Not Steampunk at all. Aluminum and/or stainless steel were never used in any Victorian designs. If anything, the keyboard and mouse more closely resemble Dieselpunk and the monitor is pure retro. Regardless, these are still very cool and I would love to get my hands on the keyboard and mouse especially!! Too bad they’re just CG renderings.

  • HDismuke says:

    You guys and your steampunk and dieselpunk theories. Study the period of the Machine Age and Art Deco and you’ll know where all of this comes from. It’s just a design F.

  • Dave says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I like hearing opinions on other people’s opinions. It as fun as it is self-referential.

  • Alexey says:

    Realy nice except windows OS)) I would like to buy one.

  • Arlen says:

    How do i purchase it?

  • ARLEN says:

    I would like to purchase. How do I go about purchasing the keyboard?

  • mary says:

    so cute – and like everyone else, how, where, when, and how much to purchase? can i buy the keyboard separately? also, how practical is the keyboard vs. today’s keyboards? .. meaning – do i actually have to depress the buttons like on an old timey, non-electric typewriter? do i actually have to lift my fingers up vs. like on a modern keyboard how your fingers can sort of ‘glide’ w/o too much of ever losing contact from one key to another? typing speed seems like it might be a concern. I wish they would’ve posted video of someone actually using it.

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