Hitch-mounted Thule Outset dismounts to become rooftop-style tent for ground camping

Car campers have long yearned for a solution that combines the convenience of vehicle camping with the adventure of ground camping. While roof-mounted pop-up tents have enhanced the freedom of vehicle camping, ground camping has been left to the hands of tents that fit into the boot of the car and take a great deal of effort to set up.

Well, get ready to be excited because Thule has stepped up to the cause with its Outset tent, set to redefine the way we camp on four wheels. It is a tent that hitches up to the back of your car or truck; accompanies you on your journey to the great outdoors; and when the time comes, it provides a comfortable haven for the night camping on the ground.

Designer: Thule

The Thule Outset tent is a game-changer in design to usability.  It is a hitch-mounted tent that’s tailored for comfort and designed for adventure. Unlike traditional rooftop tents that sit on a separate platform, the Outset is a single integrated tent made exclusively for hitching. The Outset is cleverly restructured as a folding soft-shell tent resembling the size and shape of a hitch-mounted cargo box.

This interesting design ensures that the Outset doesn’t obstruct your rearview when driving, while the hitch arm tilts into different positions to allow convenient access to the tailgate. Setting it up is as easy as hitching the Outset: When you arrive at your destination, detach the Outset from the hitch ball. Unfold the tent atop an accompanying stand, that uses telescoping legs to level up on uneven surface, and you’re good.

Inside the Outset, you’ll discover a flat sleeping platform complete with a cozy mattress and lighting, offering all the comforts of a rooftop tent. Say goodbye to uncomfortable nights on the ground; the Outset promises a peaceful slumber under the stars on the ground, yet at a convenient height from the ground. Offering a rooftop-style tent – with similar comfort – on the ground means your vehicle is free to explore during the day without the extra weight and bulk of a tent.

The Thule Outset is still in development, with a planned launch set for summer next year. This exciting new addition to the world of camping promises to provide car campers with the best of both worlds: the freedom of vehicle camping and the thrill of ground camping. If it appeals, keep your eyes peeled for the Outset!