How a minimalist mirror can double the beauty of flowers and accessories

Everyone could use some decorative items in their house, whether it’s just a few flowers or jewelry on display. These small items can enhance the ambiance of a space by their mere presence, creating points of visual interest or setting a more welcoming atmosphere in a room. Unfortunately, we can only have so many of these, especially if we’re short on desk or shelf space. What if you could double the enhancing effects of colorful foliage or lustrous accessories without doubling the space they take up? That’s the kind of visual illusion that this rather unique desk accessory creates, strategically using a mirror to make you see double at no additional cost. Even better, the mirror itself is a work of art, making it a beautiful decoration piece even on its own.

Designer: soem

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Mirrors have long been used not just as functional products but also as decorative items. Some cultures even place greater value on these highly reflective objects, especially because of their psychological effects. Mirrors can play tricks on our eyes and minds, and these can be put to good use. For example, it can make a room look bigger than it really is or, in this case, double the number of beautiful items that your eyes can behold.

The Mirror Vase Stand is a unique, multi-functional object designed to amplify the decorative value of items in front of it by literally doubling them, at least visually speaking. Its base configuration functions as a holder for small items like accessories and jewelry that can potentially create a dazzling show as both objects and light get reflected again and again. In this form, the Mirror Vase Stand makes for a perfect dresser item, holding your jewelry and letting you put them on or take them off with ease.

Remove that stand, however, and you’re greeted with a hollow container that can function as a vase. The small size makes you more intentional about the flowers and stems that you place inside it, but even just a single flower will be doubled thanks to the mirror. What’s more interesting is that the mirror has a profound effect even on the act of pouring water inside the vase, helping you pause and reflect on the process, no pun intended.

But even without flowers or jewelry, the Mirror Vase Stand can proudly stand on its own, pardon the pun. Its simple design is accented by the polyhedron shape of the slanted base, creating a play of shadows through its flat, faceted surfaces. The multipurpose vase’s beauty extends to its very soul, made from environment-friendly bioplastic material that uses rice husks to create unique visual details and a matte texture that enhances the product’s character.

Why settle for any old vase or accessory stand when you can have a beautiful one that can double its aesthetic value at no additional cost. Whether it’s flaunting jewelry, showcasing a single flower, or standing proudly on its own, this multipurpose Mirror Vase Stand is sure to add a touch of elegance and flair to any space, while also doing its part in keeping the planet healthy.

Click Here to Buy Now: $53 $59 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Labor Day sales end in 48 hours!