The Peel Chair Is An Experiment In The Flexibility & Cohesiveness of Plywood

A beautiful piece of furniture can complete a room. It can be the final piece that makes a space come full circle, building a comfortable and cohesive haven, rather than a random area. Furniture pieces make or break a home, they add to the essence or soul of a home, hence one needs to be extremely picky while choosing a furniture design. The design should be a reflection of you, and what you want your home to be. When you place a piece of furniture in a room, it should instantly integrate with the space, creating a wholesome and organic environment. And, there’s something about a simple, minimalist, and well-done furniture design that completely wins my heart – for example, the Peel Chair by Blond.

Designer: Blond

Designed by London-base Blond, the Peel Chair is a perfect encapsulation of the firm’s design philosophy which centers around creating simple yet ingenious designs that offer solutions to complex modern-day problems. The Peel Chair is inspired by the natural process of bark peeling from trees. It draws inspiration from this natural phenomena, while simultaneously channeling the timeless elegance and aesthetic of modernist Marcel Breuer’s plywood furniture.

The Peel Chair plays into an illusion! At first glance, it seems as if the chair has been crafted from one continuous piece of wood, which seems to subtly unfurl and bend into a smooth form. The harmonious transition from the backrest to the legs and the seat produces a visually appealing line that creates a striking side profile. The Peel Chair’s side profile is quite intriguing, as the front legs bend back on themselves to double up as the rear legs, before slowly returning up to form the backrest.

The Peel Chair’s smart design provides enhanced comfort and back support, while also creating a second plane of curvature. The material of choice for the chair was plywood, as it is not only economical but also promotes sustainable sourcing and manufacturing. In comparison to traditional lumbar practices, plywood contributes to reduced wood wastage. This represents Blond Studio’s commitment to creating mindful designs, that are not only visually pleasing, but also an encouragement of sustainable design practices.