Translucent Cuboidal Stool Is The Ultimate Lounging/Hiding Spot For Your Moody Cat’s ‘Me Time’

Are you still choosing chairs over stools? Well, you should move over to Team Stools, where they are given the due credit they deserve. Stools are often overlooked since they don’t occupy much space and aren’t overbearing. But to be honest these are pros! This is what makes them so great. I mean, they’re compact, and a great space-saving furniture option for our modern homes. They are also super portable and provide a healthy seating experience while promoting a good and stable posture. And SUNRIU Design just gave your everyday stool a makeover with the ‘Lift Stool’.

Designer: Sunriu Design

One look at the Lift Stool, and you’ll be completely mesmerized by its beautiful translucent texture, and the two lifted ends that seem to define the design. It’s completely unlike any stool I’ve seen, and with good reason. We often see lighting fixtures on walls that have been slightly lifted or exposed on one end to allow the light to flow more freely. These fixtures often lend an air of fascination and mystery to the room they’re placed in, and SUNRIU Design attempted to capture the same sensation.

The stool has a clear and simple cube-like form with the front corner of the stool left open and lifted, which creates a little gateway into the body of the stool. The stool is hollow from within, making for a great lounging spot for your cat, or even as a hidden storage area. You can slide in your favorite books and other small accessories, and store them away, concealed from prying eyes.

There is also a second little entrance/exit at the back of the stool, so your pet has an exit strategy in place if they want to sneakily getaway. You could use this section to slide in your knick-knacks as well, but it may be a little cramped to place, as it is comparatively smaller than the lifted front section. The transparent and frosted surface of the stool allows you to cast a few sneaky glances into it, so you can observe the outline of your pet and keep an eye on it.