A Speaker That’s Full of Visual Suspense


The sculpture-like form of this alluring Bluetooth speaker is what sets it apart from the sea of devices within this product sector. The translucent housing conceals the inner-workings beautifully, adding an element of suspense to the striking design. The visual interested is then taken a step further by the spherical base that it appears to rest upon, creating a surreal spectacle while remaining unobtrusive.

Housed within the striking exterior are separate subwoofers and tweeter drivers, these ensure for a deep output and silky-smooth acoustics for a serene listening experience. User interaction has been carefully considered, leading to a design that is absent of obtrusive buttons and controls; a single rotating dial, that’s located on the sphere, controls both the Bluetooth function and volume, allowing for intuitive control without any unnecessary buttons.

This certainly is an elegant speaker that is packed full of visual intrigue and subtle design details… and one we wish to own!

Designer: Rigardt Greyling


“Bang & Olufsen has invited several designers to design a portable Bluetooth speaker to showcase their design talents. The outset of the conceptualization process was to create a Bluetooth speaker that lives in a contemporary indoor setting. The process deeply considered the aesthetic of the design to ensure that it incorporates an appropriate measure of detailing for a user with an eye for art and design, yet would assume a clean, somewhat minimalist form suitable for a contemporary home,” Greyling told Yanko Design.


“The speaker is powered by a 1500mAh Li-Ion battery that produces 8 hours of listening and can be fully recharged within 2 hours using a micro-usb cable. This allows the user to move the speaker around as desired without the hassle of permanent power cables.”