Playable, stackable terrarium blocks that bring mother nature to your desk!

Just about the size of a matchbox, these acrylic cuboids contain a living, breathing, self-sustaining terrarium. Designed to be conveniently compact enough to be placed anywhere, the Level Scapes are a great way to bring a bit of nature with you anywhere. Not just a simple plant but a real natural floral habitat. Terrariums are wonderful micro-habitats that have a knack for surviving on their own, replenishing their needs, living in harmony, like a miniature forest. Just a touch of water and a few beams of sunlight and the terrarium is capable of self-sustaining. When stacked together, they’re a great alternative to potted plants, as they’re compact, resilient, and easy to maintain.

Terrariums often occupy a couple of square-feet of space… Level Scapes manages to fit them into palm-sized boxes that you can easily place on your table. Housed inside an openable acrylic box, which acts as a greenhouse, these tiny ecosystems can be placed singularly, or even in groups, stacked one upon the other like play-blocks. Unlike plants that require care (because they’re being made to exist outside their natural forest-habitat), terrariums are, in fact, habitats in themselves. Made up of a variety of mosses and ferns that can live and sustain well within their closed environments, taking care of terrariums is incredibly easy. The Level Scapes just require a moderate amount of sunlight per day, and a few drops of water every few days or so. The closed-acrylic setup is almost like a greenhouse, retaining moisture to create the perfect temperature and humidity needed for the plant to grow.

In their compact form, the Level Scapes are a wonderful way to give yourself (or even someone else!) the gift of nature. Great to cherish and easy to maintain, these tiny, playable, stackable blocks add a touch of living greenery to your desk that beats a bonsai or succulent as they are way more interactive and fun!

Designer: Level Scapes

Click Here to Buy Now: $29.25 $39 Hurry 25% off only for the first 100 YANKO DESIGN Readers! Use Code: yankodesign

Click Here to Buy Now: $29.25 $39 Hurry 25% off only for the first 100 YANKO DESIGN Readers! Use Code: yankodesign