Vox Aeris harmoniously merges an air purifier + speaker in a Teenage Engineering-inspired aesthetic

In the bustling rhythm of urban living, there’s one constant that often goes unnoticed: the air we breathe! Indoor air pollution, an invisible enemy, can stealthily impact our health, we know; yet, it is a low priority for most of us. A visionary designer is orchestrating a new tune in air purification, harmonizing it with the melodies of music through the interesting idea of Vox Aeris.

Vox Aeris, designed by Selene Sarı, is an ingenious device that comprises an air purifier and a speaker. Based in London, Sarı has ingeniously woven together two vital aspects of our daily existence – air quality and music – into one harmonious symphony. To the accord, Vox Aeris, by merging these two functions, can reach a broader audience, giving more people the gift of purified air to breathe at home.

Designer: Selene Sarı

The Vox Aeris’ genius lies in its triple-play design – encompassing a cleaning mode, a listening mode, and the remarkable Vox mode, which ingeniously purifies the air while delivering melodious tunes to keep you entertained instead of sitting there ideally like other air purifiers. Further, existing air purifiers bear a hefty price tag and use non-recyclable filters. Vox Aeris breaks free from this mold and is making air purification at home accessible. It uses affordable fabric filters that are both effective and environmentally conscious.

For air purification, Vox Aeris employs a process called agglomeration, which is a process of particles grouping together like snow in a snowball. This scientific choreography is created by a mesmerizing dance of turbulence and acoustics. Vox Aeris’ internal fans create a vortex of turbulence, while its speaker reverberates with low-frequency sounds, both working together to encourage particle agglomeration. These particles are then trapped in a recyclable, laser-engraved filter.

As Vox Aeris resonates in homes or offices, it serves as a melodious reminder that breathing clean is an essential symphony for a healthier future. While in outdoors, it can be used as a portable speaker courtesy of its battery-powered design. The device has both purifier and speaker functions on its façade. Positioned on the left is a screen displaying the air quality of its surroundings. In the middle are the air purifier and speaker buttons, while on the right is a dial that provides precise control over the auditory experience, allowing us to fine-tune both tone and volume.