The iconic Heng Balance Lamp gets reimagined as a Pendulum Clock with the same signature aesthetic

Remember the Heng Balance Lamp? A lamp so beautiful it reimagined lights, user interactions, and just the emotional design of lamps in general? Designer Zanwen Li decided to lean in on the Heng Balance Lamp’s iconic aesthetic, creating an alarm clock that paid homage to the simple, almost zen-like quality of the Heng lamp. Shaped to look like its inspiration, the Heng Alarm Clock uses a crucial detail, the lower ball + thread, as a pendulum, evoking a similar level of curiosity in the clock. The upper half of the clock has its face, while the lower half has an upward pendulum that rocks to and fro.

Designer: Zanwen Li

The Heng Balance Lamp’s iconic design remains perhaps the most plagiarized on the internet (closely competing with Dyson’s bladeless fan). Playing on that iconic aesthetic, the Heng Alarm Clock has a similar capsule-shaped design, with a clock face on the top half, and a swinging upturned pendulum at the bottom. To be honest, it would be fun if Li integrated a light strip into the lamp too (as a fairly literal shoutout to the Heng lamp), but that’s probably just wishful thinking on my part. The lamp’s minimalist design and fun reinterpretation of a classic product make it a great addition to any home. The balance between minimalism and quirky creativity allows it to resonate with all sorts of people. However, if this isn’t too quirky/minimalist for you, I recommend checking out the bizarrely beautiful Klydoclock instead!