The Interesting Illumination Interaction


The Heng lamp has a unique aesthetic that may remind some of the Dyson bladeless fan, but that resemblance has somewhat become synonymous with clever design, no? The Heng’s clever design lies in its brilliant element of interaction that controls the lamp’s light. The lamp’s hollow center has two floating orbs within it that switch on and off the light within the lamp’s ring. The orbs are suspended by a string and have a magnet inside them. The strings are short enough to allow both the orbs to be attracted to each other, yet still not touch. When the lower orb enters the magnetic field of the upper one, the lamp switches on. Release the lower orb and the lamp goes off. This brilliant interaction sets a standard for how we perceive and work with products. The playful element of magnetism and levitation has LOADS of potential, don’t you think?!

Designer: Zanwen Li