Flat Lightbulb Solves all Thomas Edison’s Problems with Two Cuts

When I think of light bulbs, I think of how hot they are, how they give me light at night, and how easy they are to break! From Joonhuyn Kim, displayed at the 2008 100% Design Tokyo, here is “Flat Bulb.” Better for stacking and shipping, no rolling away on you, and the best: aesthetically ironic. Simply fantastic!

But why not make a bulb with a whacky new shape, you may ask? Well, let me tell you, we discussed this sort of thing way back a few weeks ago when we spoke about the [LED Light Bulb]; at length. The truth of the matter is: light bulbs that are innovative, cheap, energy efficient, and every wonderful thing you can imagine, still sells less units than the bulbs with the classic light bulb shape, by a lot!

So, lets see if a certain blue-and-yellow Swedish “home products retailer” picks this design up so I can just hop on over to the Mall of America and pick one up! Or better yet, a bunch.

EDIT: Originally this post was titled “Flat Lightbulb Solves all Benjamin Franklin’s Problems with Two Cuts” until our friendly Jason told me that it makes much more sense to use the inventor of the light bulb for the title, not the harnesser of electricity. Thus Thomas Edison replaces ol’ Ben.

Designer: Joonhuyn Kim [ Via Gizmodo & Designboom ]