This lightweight smart ring helps you snooze so you don’t lose

Smart wearables and activity trackers are en vogue these days, but with few exceptions, most of them seem to be hyper-focused on the “activity” part of our fitness. Sure, being active and burning calories is always a good thing, especially considering the sedentary lifestyles that most people adopt, but these aren’t the only factors that will keep you living healthy and enjoying life longer. Sleep and recovery, stress and relaxation, and even the coffee you drink all contribute to your overall health, and the Ultrahuman Ring AIR provides a window into those metrics with a stylish wearable that’s so lightweight and comfortable that you might even forget you’re wearing one.

Designers: Apoorv Shankar and Yogansh Namdeo

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Activity trackers, which evolved from single-purpose pedometers, are nothing new. They come in different forms, from smart bands to smartwatches to the new breed of smart rings, but they have many common characteristics. They’re designed to detect your activity and your body’s vitals as they’re related to those activities, sometimes with some sleep tracking on the side. The latter, unfortunately, doesn’t get as much attention as sweating it out during the day, which further feeds the misunderstanding that sleep is something you can cut down if you need more hours in a day. The Ultrahuman Ring AIR, however, takes a very different approach, one that places sleep above all to provide a more holistic view of your current health so that you can take the necessary steps to improve it.

Sleep Index – Derived to help you understand the various sleep stages such as Deep sleep, REM sleep, Light sleep and being Awake.

Circadian Phase Alignment – A way to sync with your body’s natural rhythm. Analyse temperature minima, align your lifestyle and optimise your sleep-wake cycle for improved cognitive function, energy levels, and hormone balance.

Recovery Score – Derived from a blend of key metrics, including Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Heart Rate, and Skin Temperature, this score provides insights into various signals your body sends throughout the day, enabling a deeper comprehension of its needs.

Movement Index – The score is based on metabolic equivalent (METs) and depends on how much you move throughout the day rather than just your workout for a specific duration during the day.

Stimulant Window Recommender – Designed to optimize your stimulant consumption for enhanced productivity and sleep management.

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR gives due importance to your sleep index, which gives insight not just into your sleep length but also to sleep efficiency, restfulness, consistency, and other markers that indicate the quality of your rest. It also gives you a Recovery Score, using body signals like heart rate variability (HRV) and skin temperature to detect your levels of stress. Of course, it doesn’t just tell you that you’re stressed but also offers concrete ways to calm down, harnessing a huge library of premium content from athletes and experts available on the Ultrahuman app. Ultrahuman even has a “Stimulant Window Recommender” that tells you the best time to drink your favorite coffee blend to have the best effect on your productivity. It also features a revolutionary Circadian Phase Alignment that helps you sync with your natural body rhythm, optimizing your sleep-wake cycle for improved cognitive functions and more balanced health. There’s also Phase Advance that nudges you to move and enjoy healthy sunlight to help shift your sleep schedule earlier. There are even more features coming, including respiratory rate and that oh-so-desirable blood pressure measurement.

Water Resistance – Provides reliable water resistance up to ~330 feet.

Of course, none of this valuable information would matter if your smart ring didn’t make it to the end of the day or didn’t make it out of the swimming pool. Thankfully, the Ultrahuman Ring AIR is not only elegant but also long-lasting, both inside and out. It has an advertised battery life of 6 days, ensuring that you get the most out of all the metrics that it can collect 24 hours a day. The tungsten carbide that coats the titanium outer shell provides a double layer of durability, while its water resistance enables you to wear it for a swim or a shallow dive to a depth of 330 meters. Despite all this toughness, the smooth, hypoallergenic inner shell and lightweight construction make it a joy to wear all throughout the day, especially when you’re sleeping at night.

Being more aware of one’s health is a great thing, but it’s easy to overlook or even take for granted how sleep and recovery play a critical role in our well-being. With the Ultrahuman Ring AIR and the Ultrahuman app’s extensive wealth of knowledge and content, you can get a more holistic grasp of your body’s state and take well-informed steps to make sure that you’re living your healthiest so that you can live life to the fullest.

Click Here to Buy Now: $348. Hurry, only 3/405 left! Raised over $250,000.