This book is literally a camera!

I’ve seen some crazy pop-up books, but nothing quite as crazy as this one. Most pop-up books are just three dimensional comics, but this right here is an actual product. Titled pretty appropriately, This Book Is A Camera by Kelli Anderson literally opens up to be a fully functional pinhole camera!

Kelli Anderson designed the book to demystify the workings of the camera, something we all have in our pockets now days. While technology makes things more complex, with features like optical image stabilization, and depth sensing, not many people venture into how a camera actually captures an image. This book however does. Open it and it instantly forms a camera-esque shape. Just lock the tabs and place the shutter into its slot. Then all you have to do is insert the special photo paper, aim the camera, lift the shutter for a second or two, place the shutter back, and voila! The book also introduces one to the analog style of photo developing. Once you click your photo, the paper needs to be developed in a dark room. The image you get is a very retro, black and white image that needs color inverting. The images stay in focus, thanks to the pinhole, but obviously, this doesn’t match up to the kinds of cameras our generation is used to today.

Perfect for the shutterbug who loves all things camera, or the child who’s curiosity knows no bounds, or even anyone who likes owning cool things (basically me), This Book Is A Camera is a golden great gifting idea!

Designer: Kelli Anderson