The No-Flood Storm Drain

Flooded streets can be catastrophic for travelers and emergency personnel alike, so Noè is a project that explores innovation in urban roadways by introducing a new, more effective storm drain. Implementable to existing drain systems, the design does more than provide drainage for excess water. It also separates large and small debris for better clog prevention and easy removal while an internal rotary mechanism creates a whirling action that draws waste-free water into the pipe system. The result is easier maintenance and more reliable drainage.

Designers: Cesare Tamagno & Simone Di Gioia


  • betty says:

    This is amazing…wish we can implement this concept across our city.

  • Christian says:

    Very nice. well thought design and concept.

  • michael says:

    has a prototype of this design been developed? what were the results? this should be tested in one section of a city to test its durability.

  • Jake says:

    I need some more details on this. maybe I could adopt this design for the drains in my estate.

  • Toby says:

    Seems like a smart solution to drain water problems. wonder if it will really perform as its design claims.

  • Claire says:

    I am not sure we can incorporate such designs. I think it will be a very expensive project.

  • kelly says:

    this is a nice design. They should start testing it out.

  • Himani says:

    I want more details on this design. I want to explore its feasibility in my society where we always have a drain water problem.

  • Goldie says:

    This is so well thought of it might actually work. If it is effective in solving the clogging will be such a breakthrough!

  • Looks good … lets see some video footage of the units in operation during an extreme rain event…..

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