Bid adieu to clunky controllers and embrace the ‘Micro’ future of wireless gaming convenience

Gamers, brace yourselves up for a game-changer! 8BitDo, the renowned gaming accessories manufacturer, is releasing a pocket-sized wireless gaming controller, dubbed the Micro. This tiny gadget, with 16 buttons onboard, is tailor-made for Nintendo Switch and Android devices, delivering unparalleled portability and gaming convenience anywhere, anytime.

Whether you own a Nintendo Switch, impressive Switch Lite, or an Android device; this tiny wonder connects via Bluetooth, creating a seamless link between your device and your gaming desires. The Micro is a perfect match for lovers of 2D games, providing them impeccable controller to kick-off just about anywhere they want.

Designer: 8BitDo

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The Micro controller’s sleek design enhances its aesthetic appeal but also embodies the essence of precision gaming, given its fundamentally small size, which is not handy for all gamers. Indeed, it will be a fascination for many, who cannot but resist the idea of gaming using a controller, but do not always have one handy. Micro is meant to be carried around even in your swimwear!

Besides the size, the most astonishing feature of the Micro is its feather-light weight, tipping the scales at mere 24.8 grams. Such a weightless companion adds minimal strain to your gaming escapades. Powered by a 180mAh Li-on battery, this wireless gem offers an impressive 10 hours of gameplay on a single charge. You can recharge it in under 2 hours using the USB-C port.

Designed in two appealing color combinations, blue-white and green-white, the Micro controller stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to style and choice. Despite the miniature size, it also stands up for activities beyond gaming. By activating the Keyboard Mode and employing the 8BitDo Ultimate Software, you can customize every button of the Micro to suit the software of app preferences.

8BitDo Micro is available for pre-order on Amazon now for a reasonable $24.99 tag. If you think you can handle the size, it may be time for you to bid adieu to clunky controllers and embrace the tiny future of wireless gaming convenience!