Induction Iron

The brief was to optimize the application of BASF’s plastic material ULTRADUR and the result was an Induction Iron. Utilizing ULTRADUR’s heat resistant properties to his advantage, Therese came up with a bare minimal design that has been “stripped down to the essentials.” This cordless induction heating iron works through an electromagnetic field that transforms the energy directly and heats only the ironing plate.You may recollect the ironing board that is being used here, it’s that same flip-mirror one we showcased earlier.

Designer: Therese Glimskär in collaboration with BASF

Induction Iron by Therese Glimskar in collaboration with BASF





  • Beta says:

    Just make sure it doesn’t take 5 minutes to heaten up the Iron, otherwise I’d prefer having a normal iron being it quick.
    Apart from that, thumbs up.

  • Carl says:

    needs steam for it to go against other irons.

  • proof76 says:

    Ironing with a push up bar from the gym?!
    How about some design?!!!
    Less is sometimes more – but nothing is still nothing.
    …and why is this posted again?
    I think I’ve seen it before as “reflecting ironing board” or something like that…

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