PSP Pro concept is what Sony’s Project Q Lite should aspire to be

Sony’s PlayStation Portable became a huge hit when it was released way back in 2004. Although it saw just a decade of lifecycle, the handheld portable revolutionized the mobile gaming landscape and perhaps the console gaming era too!

With more demanding games requiring huge reserves of portable battery power, Sony tilted in favor of a full-size console compared to a handheld gaming device. But De-ja-vu could happen again as rumors of a PSP resurrection is on the cards. Codenamed “Project Q Lite” the streaming PSP handheld capable of PlayStation Remote Play is expected to make an appearance by the end of this year.

Designer: Thiago Goulart

Since the remote play gadget will not be a standalone gaming device, not even a cloud gaming handheld gadget for that matter. Rather a platform to stream your PS5 games. That part, of course, we don’t vouch for as of now. A standalone device gives the users much more freedom and whatever Sony has up its sleeve. The gadget will be better served if the next-gen PSP has those capabilities.

That gives us one more reason to feature another PlayStation portable handheld that’s good enough to be fancied by finicky gamers who like everything 100 percent to their preference. This concept render goes for a more contoured body form as compared to the original PSP’s edgy character. The button placement to the upper proximity is great for large-handed gamers but might be a bit uncomfortable for small-handed ones. Those curvy trigger buttons should however be ergonomically comfy for both I must say.

The PSP was a powerful handheld console for its time, but it would be nice to see a new PSP Pro with even more power. This would allow games to look and play better, and it would also make the console more future-proof. The new PSP will benefit from a higher-resolution display, 1080p or even more, so that games look even better. A new PSP Pro would ideally have a battery life that allows you to play for several hours without having to recharge. Backward compatibility with PSP and PS Vita games will also come in handy if there’s an option. This would be a great way to let people enjoy their old PSP and PS Vita games on a new console.