Your phone’s Swiss knife


The Binary (clever bit of naming!) is a multi-tool that empowers your phone. It contains two parts that make a whole. Each part has two ports. All in all, the Binary has a very techy yin-yang vibe.

The Binary tool has on the one hand a blue cable that does your data transferring and also can charge your phone. The other part of the tool is a memory storage device. A cool idea (note: conceptual) is the way a MicroSD Card has been slotted into the USB Drive (maybe that should be USB Type D!). On the other end is a MicroUSB/Lightning Port to plug into your smartphone. This allows you to not just transfer between a phone and a desktop, but also between phones. Plus, since MicroSD cards are waterproof, bingo! No data loss because of clumsy accidents!

Designers: K Sudesh Durai, and Dharumaraj Rajah.