Your phone’s Swiss knife


The Binary (clever bit of naming!) is a multi-tool that empowers your phone. It contains two parts that make a whole. Each part has two ports. All in all, the Binary has a very techy yin-yang vibe.

The Binary tool has on the one hand a blue cable that does your data transferring and also can charge your phone. The other part of the tool is a memory storage device. A cool idea (note: conceptual) is the way a MicroSD Card has been slotted into the USB Drive (maybe that should be USB Type D!). On the other end is a MicroUSB/Lightning Port to plug into your smartphone. This allows you to not just transfer between a phone and a desktop, but also between phones. Plus, since MicroSD cards are waterproof, bingo! No data loss because of clumsy accidents!

Designers: K Sudesh Durai, and Dharumaraj Rajah.






  • ymppa says:

    Why not just build the microSD slot inside one of the blue plugs, and get rid of the black part completely? No need for the slide mechanism either.

    • Sudesh says:

      Hi, we did initially consider that (you can check out the link here: but we had technical issues trying to build a working version to function as a charging cable as well as a memory device due to the nature of the USB ID pin protocol. We were discouraged by the USB organization to implement the ID pin feature hence we decided on this design which is able to work and the blue part functions like a cap/ key-chain holder. Thank you.

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