The World’s Smallest Global Travel Adapter?!

Travel adapters are an absolute necessity when it comes to traveling to a different country; without them our electronic devices would become nothing more but expensive paperweights in just a matter of days. However, current adapters are bulky and heavy, and they occupy the already limited space within our bags… but this certainly isn’t the case with EVO, the world’s smallest global travel adapter!

Measuring in at just 0.8inches thick, EVO may be small, but it sure packs a punch; two USB interfaces can fast charge any two devices simultaneously, eliminating the need to carry extra adapters! EVO can charge these devices in over 150 countries, and this is down to its ingenious use of adjustable plugs, that are neatly concealed within the plastic shell when transporting!

This unbeatably compact travel adapter is a must-have for the people who enjoy the comforts of electronics whilst traveling, without having to compromise on space in their suitcase.

Designer: Evo Studio

Click Here to Buy Now: $22 $32 (31% off).





Click Here to Buy Now: $22 $32 (31% off)