The world’s first 3D printed sand speakers are here and inspired by nature!

By now it seems like we’ve caught a glimpse of almost every type of speaker there is. However, things have just gotten more interesting with the Czech based company Deeptime releasing ‘The World’s First Speakers Made From Sand’. Yes you heard that right, 3D printed from sand, the ‘Spirula’ speakers seem like they’re from another planet together! Shaped after the spiral-shaped cochlea in the human ear and inspired by the deepwater squid Spirula, these speakers are anything but ordinary.

The passive satellite speaker with its original aesthetic was created not only for music lovers and audiophiles but for intense design enthusiasts as well! Silica sand was the material of choice. The porous and brittle 3D printed sand cones were treated with Deeptime’s special hardener, resulting in an airtight conch shell. Equipped with an industrial 3″ range driver with a bamboo fiber paper cone, the speaker emits a response between 75Hz to 20KHz, with distortion at an all-time low. Its intriguing spiral form prevents sound waves from escaping from the back of the speaker. Filled to the brim with an absorbent fiber, the tube soaks up any sound waves at the back of the driver too!

“Design means looking for the form that reflects the nature and function of the product and builds on the benefits of the newest available technologies. We don’t want just to embellish existing standard solutions. Instead, we employ organic shapes designed to enhance the sound quality. We find inspiration mainly in nature. All shapes in the natural world are functional in one way or another. You’ll have a hard time finding regular cube or box shapes in nature,” explained Martin Hřeben and Ondřej Chotovinský, the founders of Deeptime. And truly, the Spirula speaker looks like the epitome of nature in its raw form. Power-packed with hard-hitting sound quality and unique aesthetics, this speaker is truly one of a kind! Available in a limited edition 1618 sets, you better get your hands on them soon!

Designer: Martin Hřeben and Ondřej Chotovinský of Deeptime

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