Titan EyeX Smart Eyewear Has A Built-In Fitness Tracker, Open-Ear Audio Drivers, And A Find-My Feature

While most companies are trying to turn spectacles into mixed reality headsets, the folks at Titan are taking another approach by turning the spectacles into less of a computer on your face and more of an enhanced wearable. Ditching the notion that smart glasses need to have cutting-edge transparent displays in order to be incredibly useful, the Titan EyeX chooses to replace your earphones and fitness tracker instead. Housed within the spectacle’s sleek form are a pair of micro-acoustic Knowles speakers, a fitness tracker that calculates your activity through the day, and a GPS chip that helps you use your phone to locate your spectacles if you accidentally lose them or leave them somewhere.

Designer: Sanil Dhadwal (Titan Design Excellence Center) for Titan Company Limited

Poised to be the kind of spectacles you wouldn’t want to leave home without (or ever take off, to be honest), the EyeX are a stylish pair of glasses modeled to look like classic wayfarers. However, hidden within the temple stems is cutting-edge technology that makes the EyeX the perfect fashion accessory and smart wearable. The frames are built with TR90, a high-performance polymer used to make sportswear, and come with the ability to add prescription lenses into them. An integrated spring hinge allows the EyeX to fit as many as 32 different face shapes, and at just 28 grams, it’s just about as lightweight as your average pair of spectacles. The spectacles are also designed to be impact and sweat-resistant, further bolstering everyday use.

On the inside, the Titan EyeX runs on a Qualcomm chip, tethering with your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 for a strong, reliable connection. The eyewear, once paired, transforms into open-ear headphones for letting you listen to music as well as answer calls. Running on audio drivers from Knowles, the EyeX provides high-fidelity discreet audio that only the wearer can hear, while being entirely open ear, so you’ve always got situational awareness and know what’s happening around you. A touch-based interface built into the temple stems lets you control audio playback as well as answer/reject calls and summon your smartphone’s voice assistant.

A built-in fitness tracker also tracks your health and movement throughout the day, calculating your steps, distance covered, and calories burnt and sending the stats to the Titan EyeX app. The EyeX app also lets you access other features like the smart eyewear’s “Find My” feature along with the ability to use the tap interface on your spectacles as a shutter button to click hands-free selfies.

The Titan EyeX comes with an impressive 8-hour battery life, and charges via proprietary contact-based chargers. They’re built to be durable, with an impact-resistant construction, and also boast IP54 water resistance, making them impervious to sweat or a couple of drops of rain. With multiple awards under their belt, including the 2023 German Design Award and the 2023 Red Dot Award: Product Design, the Titan EyeX are available in India for Rs. 9,999 ($120.9 USD) and ship with a 1-year warranty.