Ingenious Jacket Is Designed To Help You Catch A Nap During Your Daily Commute

Getting some beauty sleep in this day and age has slowly transformed from a basic need to an expensive luxury. With our hectic routines, catching some shut-eye can be a task, but one that we must keep aiming to achieve. Lack of sleep can lead to a whole bunch of problems such as anxiety, depression, chronic health issues, and insomnia. The psycho-physical complications arising from a lack of sleep are quite problematic, and what makes it worse, is that we may find ourselves falling asleep at important times of the day for example when we’re working, or meant to be completing tasks. And when we wake up, not only have we lost a significant amount of time, but we’re also welcomed by some severe muscle pain in our necks and backs But this is where designer Loris Dadda has swooped in with an ingenious solution – Napow (Nap On The Way).

Designer: Loris Dadda

I think the name of the product is quite self-explanatory, but let’s dwell a bit deeper. Napow is a sleeveless jacket designed to help you take a quick nap on the way – this could be on your way to work, or back home, or when you’re off running some other errand. You can transform your everyday commute time to nap time, and a very comfortable nap time indeed.

Napow features a harness that supports your head and neck while sleeping, so they don’t get stressed and cause you pain once you wake up. Napow promotes a healthy and correct posture while you sleep, offering your body the support it needs. The collar has been padded with a double layer of polyurethane, making it quite comfy and cozy to nap on.

The purpose of Napow is to isolate the user from the external light of the environment, to encourage a peaceful nap. It eliminates the external stimuli around you while providing a comfortable framework to sleep on. The jacket can help you nap in various seated positions at airport benches, subway seats, and office seats (but only during your lunch break). Employed synthetic fibers, polyurethane, and eco-leather were used to create the jacket.