A Mouse That Keeps You on Track with Quick-view Screen

Much like our workspace, how we organize our computer and go about our daily tasks can say a lot about our personalities; if you see your self as a bit of a minimalist, it wouldn’t be surprising to see you have a clean and organized display. So, how can our hardware impact how we use the software?

BizyMouse has been designed with efficiency firmly in mind. Rather than switching between programmes to view our busy To-Do lists, the daily tasks are instead listed on the mouse itself! The small touchscreen display will continuously sync using Wi-Fi to keep you up to date and on track. Careful consideration went into selecting the technology for the display, with e-ink being the victor; its low power consumption, anti-glare properties and paper-like viewing angles made it an obvious choice!

BizyMouse doesn’t stop with the screen. It features an incline of 20 degrees for comfortable use even after long days, and the rounded form makes it a dream to hold within your hand.

Designers: Neo Nguyen & Clover Pham