Top 13 Ways to Place a TV in Your Bedroom

For some individuals, placing a TV in the bedroom is a matter of debate as a bedroom should primarily promote relaxation and good sleep. On the other hand, some people find it perfect to have a TV in the bedroom so that they can enjoy movies, watch their favorite shows, or play games from the comfort of their bed. However, the downside is that it may result in disturbed sleep and fewer conversations with your partner.

Designer: Katrin Stoiko

What are the factors to be considered while installing a TV in the bedroom?

  • Make sure to assess the TV’s visibility from various angles like from the bed, a seating area, or any desired position.
  • The TV should be strategically positioned at eye level to provide optimal viewing. Here is a calculation based on one’s seating height and distance from the TV. The distance from the TV should be nearly 2.5 times the diagonal length of the screen, while in the case of high-definition TVs, one can consider a distance of 1.5 times the diagonal length of the screen.
  • Do not place the TV opposite a sunny window to prevent potential glare.
  • For good eye health, make sure to choose the size of the TV according to the dimensions of the bedroom.

How to place the TV in the bedroom?

If you choose to install a TV in the bedroom, explore the various ways to do so and select the option that suits your preferences.

Wall-Mounted TV

Mount the TV on the wall opposite the bed to save floor space and achieve a clutter-free look. Consider creating an aesthetically pleasing background around the TV since it typically becomes the focal point of the bedroom.

A wall-mounted TV is a space-saving solution that is highly recommended for compact bedrooms as it creates an airy atmosphere and does not clutter the horizontal surfaces or dominate the bedroom.

The TV is cleverly installed on the opposite side of the bed, neatly tucked away as its position does not provide a direct view. For this arrangement, one can use a pivoted wall mount to adjust its position, allowing one to view it comfortably from the bed or from a distance to ensure comfortable viewing.

Integrate It With The Dresser

For bedrooms with a dresser, try aligning the TV with the dresser to maintain a balanced and harmonious arrangement.

Designer: Nargiz Guliyeva

In this example, the dresser and TV are designed into a multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing design that harmoniously blends with the overall décor of the bedroom in hues of brown, gold, and off-white. The patterned surface behind the TV unit enhances the appearance of the TV, which is also aligned with the circular mirror.

Combine it with a Gallery Wall

Incorporate the TV within a gallery wall to prevent it from dominating the art display. Note that combining the TV with artwork can lend a soft and sophisticated ambiance to the bedroom. The aesthetics can be enhanced by decorating the wall with beautiful paintings, family photographs, and sleek shelves with accessories.

Near a Sitting Area

If the bedroom is spacious enough, place the TV opposite a sitting area to ensure a comfortable viewing experience and promote good posture while watching.

Out of Sight

Position the TV unit where it can be easily viewed from the intended viewing spot to ensure convenience and a clear line of sight. As the bedroom should be a space dedicated to rest, concealing a TV behind closed doors is a fantastic way to achieve this ambiance. Additionally, it allows one to hide unsightly cables and cords simply by closing the doors.

To keep the TV discreet, consider placing it inside a cabinet or armoire, allowing one to close it when not in use for a cleaner look.

Designer: Sandy Renko

This arrangement is highly recommended for those who do not like gadgets in the room and the best part about this setup is that it not only maximizes space but also creates a sleek and organized bedroom. However, make sure to pay attention to the type of doors you choose. Opting for traditional hinged doors would require keeping them open while watching the screen, which might be less convenient. Instead, consider more practical alternatives. Sliding door systems offer an excellent solution for concealing technology in the bedroom or any other room of the home.

Designer: Matt & Jess (The Brain and the Brawn)

Within a Niche

Designer: Vladislav Yalovitsky

In this example, a niche is created between two wardrobes in contrasting tones of wood with utility drawers while the wardrobes are white. The best part is that the built-in TV unit can conceal all the wires seamlessly, creating a clutter-free view. The diffused lighting provides the niche with a distinctive and characterful look.

A Built-in Unit

For a creative approach, install the TV amidst built-in shelves or a wardrobe, offering an innovative and stylish spot to showcase the TV.

Designer: TUMIDEI

This is one of the most space-efficient methods of storing and displaying the TV as it creates a seamless and integrated look. In this TV unit, there is a provision for storage behind the TV unit.

Motorized TV Mount

Designer: Maior TV Lift

This bedroom offers brilliant outdoor views, hence this drop-down TV can be pulled down when in use and can be motored up and concealed inside the ceiling when it is switched off. Go for window treatments like opaque curtains, window blinds, and sheer curtains so that they can block the sunlight and prevent glare on the TV screen. This is a great way to conceal the TV discreetly without sacrificing valuable wall space.

Multifunctional Unit

Designer: mohamed abd elnaby

The TV in this bedroom is mounted on a marble wall panel. The wall also integrates the TV, writing desk, and a tall wall mirror to perform multiple functions, keeping the ambiance of the room light and subtle.

Rotate The TV Panel

Via: Carla Maciel

In a spacious bedroom that can accommodate separate sleeping and seating areas, consider a TV cabinet that functions as a semi-open partition between both areas of the bedroom. This TV unit offers flexibility for TV viewing, as one can watch it while lying down on the bed or seated in the living room area on the opposite side. Additionally, it adds versatility to the room’s layout just as in this image.

Use LED Strip Lighting

Designer: Philips

Reduce eye strain with bias lighting in the bedroom as it is a great way to picture the contrast of the TV. This lighting can be fit around the TV of different sizes as a decorative element for an ambient look and creates a relaxing ambiance while watching TV. This is a great way to introduce mood lighting within the bedroom.

Above the Fireplace Mantel

Designer: South Harbor Inn

If the bedroom has a fireplace, it is advisable to mount the TV above the fireplace mantel as it is an excellent way to reduce visual impact. The TV unit blends with the décor of the bedroom and reduces its visual impact.

TV in Footboard

Designer: Cabinet Tronix

Among the various bed designs available, some incorporate TVs into the footboard, allowing them to lift for viewing and slide down to be hidden away using electric motors. This option is one of our favorites because once integrated into the bed, it offers a seamless and convenient TV viewing experience.