Be Green While You Lean

As you have probably noticed, sustainable designs are very important to me, and finding a functional green design gets me excited. The Barnacle Chair by designer Ania Wagner is made from sustainable wood and lined with a cultivated industrial felt. This chair allows the user to sit in it, similar to bucket seating or flip it over and multiple users can lean against it while seated on the floor. Measuring 30x40x23”, the Barnacle Chair is a modern, green and functional design.

Designer: Ania Wagner


  • Armin says:

    very nice, one question though:

    If this was meant for public spaces, how do you wash it (I’m not nitpicking, just curious)?

  • what is sustainable wood and how does it differ from regular wood?

  • Ja says:

    I suppose sustainable wood would be wood from a managed forest… or relaimed wood. I know what you mean tho just because wood is natural doesnt mean its ‘sustainable’.

    • Shane says:

      indeed, according to the designer the Ash is havested from a managed forest, and the felt is reclaimed from industry.

  • jahan says:

    cool enough to play, to violean,/violin !

  • Alp says:

    needs something to fix it temporarily on the ground, so you can use it with one user without sliding back..

  • jensenrand says:

    as a proponent of green and sustainable design, i am always glad to see innovation in design like this. so simple really but imagine it in a recycled material that would give it more softness too.

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