Porsche Mission S hypercar is one spacious city rider for a family of five

Porsche is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the iconic 911 series with the launch of the 911 S/T special edition model limited to just 1,963 units. Such is the status of this timeless sports car that every automotive pundit swears by its charm.

Just like the sports version, the German marque has quite a few successful race track-oriented versions of 911 like the GT3, Carrera GT, 718 RSK and 550 Spyder. While most of the race circuit-specific models are two-seater versions, a hyper racing MPV with a 5-seater capacity wants to fuse things for a new era of motoring.

Designer: Zhe Huang

This is the Mission S concept, just in time for the celebrations, reviving the memories of the successful Porsche racing era that put this brand on the A list of influential advertisers and every fat-pocketed millionaire. The hyper racing car’s body shape is a dynamic amalgam of the Porsche 937 and Vision Gran Turismo. According to Zhe, the concept is inspired by the droplets (unmanned spacecrafts) shown in the 3 Body Problem series on Netflix that’s based on a science fiction novel written by the Chinese writer Liu Cixin.

The core idea of this creative project is to bridge the gap between casual motorheads and professional racers. For this, the Mission S supercar brings hyper racing MPV in the form of a 5-seater car that’s spacious and comfortable while not compromising on high performance and speedy character in any way. One thing is for sure, this Porsche hypercar is not for the faint-hearted passengers as it can easily touch dizzying speeds.

Just like the Porsche 908 and 935 with the long tail design optimized the performance at high speeds, the Mission S gets an elongated tail. It’s got one added benefit of extra room for as many as five people including the driver. Those Le-Mans-styled doors and the high-performance electric drive follow in the lines of the successful classics from the Porsche house. All this while keeping in mind the future vision of the brand.

Those streamlined curved of the hypercar flow from the front to the back, optimizing the overall range of the performance EV. The ride height of the Mission S is kept high to ride the public roads with speed bumps and potholes without any issues. In a true sense, this hyper racing MPV is a hybrid racer good enough for city commutes.