Lawn Fun From 3-In-One

Nowadays if you have a house, it’s reasonable to assume you have a lawn, and that means you need equipment to keep it manicured. Unfortunately that can be costly so Gustav Landberg designed one machine that does the job of 3; a mower, leaf collector, and snow blower. The concept is perfect for first time home owners and for people short on storage space.

Designer: Gustav Landberg


  • dave says:

    this is a great concept. I have been thinking about designing a improved lawnmower for an upcoming class project. This is very inspirational. thanks for posting

  • Lorne says:

    Theoretically there are some efficiencies in having one power plant for three devices, but the power needs of the three tasks are very different.
    My lawnmower and leaf blower are electric, but for serious snowthrowing internal combustion is the way to go. A motor suitable for snowthrowing, gas or electric, would be overkill for mowing or leaf-blowing.
    Sorry, Gustav. Keep that one on the drawing board.

    • Jonhari says:

      Although Lorne is right about needing 5+hp for heavy wet snow, there are a lot of situations where a small snow thrower is sufficient. I used a small unit in Chicago for 25 years and only needed a larger unit a few times. So, your product concept is a good one. The reason to go back to the drawing board is to expand on the usefulness of the concept and don’t succumb to negative input. You will run into negativity at every corner of your career-until you retire. Simply scoot around negative minds like that of Lorne and continue on the path of solving design problems. Don’t let THEM get you down. To industrial design — is to enhance our space through positive solutions.
      Shabazosu is right, Toro had a 3-in-1 product but it’s failure was due to their solution. Your concept is much better (if it will work). And again, just because someone had a similar idea is no reason to stop your design work.

    • quantum says:

      I have no idea what you are talking about, my lawnmower is internal combustion, and i have seen plenty of leaf blowers that are internal combustion also. And you could add a specially made gear box to deliver the correct speed/torque to each part.

  • Shabazosu says:

    Wasn’t this “invented” by a guy on that show American Inventor ? I saw the show for the first time while I was house sitting a few weeks back, and I’m pretty sure some guy had something extremely similar.

  • Ima Ninventor says:

    If Lorne is right about the snow blower needing too much power, sell it as a fourth add-on that requires a second battery pack. Replace it with a standard third thing that does weed whacking on either side. Man, I HATE to go back and use the weed whacker after I’ve already mowed. I’m sure I’m not alone.

    Don’t be discouraged by negativity. This is a cool concept.

  • Kotoma says:

    Great work!

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