Nothing Sound (1) will refresh portable speaker market with aesthetic design and Glyph interface

Carl Pie kicked off a new chapter of his successful journey with the Nothing Ear (1) TWS earbuds, then followed by the Phone (1). One thing common with every Nothing product release to date is its share of hype and leaks. Ever the more reason for creative digital artists to come up with their proposed concept versions of a Nothing inspired product.

To be honest, any Nothing iteration piques my interest, and this portable speaker follows suit. The concept is an interesting piece since portable speakers should fall right into Nothing’s core technology expertise. So, there’s no reason for anyone to believe that there won’t be a portable speaker on Carl’s timeline in the coming years.

Designer: Hao Ping Chang

Christened the Nothing Sound (1), this portable speaker concept keenly emulates the visual design language that a real Nothing portable speaker would adopt. A fashion accessory for home and outdoor use that’ll turn eyeballs, and will be equally capable when it comes to practicality. Portability and ease of use are the keys to this design that aims to refresh the closely contested portable speaker market.

This portable speaker is a balanced mix of contoured and geometric shapes, bringing to life a very aesthetically pleasing form. The audio accessory can sit pretty on a desk just like an Xbox Series X. Compare that to an earlier conceptual design that heavily weighed in on the contoured shapes and see-thought aesthetics. The Nothing Sound, however, keeps things simple without missing out on the classy vibe.

Controls of the chick portable speaker are seamlessly integrated into the design in the form of a rotary knob on the speaker’s top. This allows for intuitive interaction with the gadget such as volume adjustment, power on/off, and Bluetooth connectivity. Enhancing the user experience are the Glyph interface LEDs that are programmed to interact dynamically with the beat of the music. If desired, they can be deactivated for a more subtle experience.

According to Hao, the speaker is inspired by a book’s form, since they are a common companion for many on their journeys. Therefore, the aspiration is that “Nothing Sound” will accompany “its owner in a myriad of contexts and situations.” The focus of this product design is to have a pursuit of uniqueness, self-expression, passion and a style that is second nature to Nothing!