See-through Nothing speakers in Black or White will liven up any house party

Nothing and its see-through aesthetics (denoting the transparency of company values) for gadgets had the tech community all worked up before the launch of their first-ever product. But the hype turned out to be overkill.

Still, the USP of the Nothing Earbuds (1) and the follow-up Nothing Phone (1) captured everyone’s imagination. Creative beasts have been giving us a vision of prospective Nothing gadgets that could arrive in the near future, given Carl Pei revolutionizes the industry with that one winning design.

Designer: Ivan Llaneza

We’ve seen Nothing smartwatch concept and concept headphones spark our imagination, and now, a see-through portable speaker design is getting us excited. Of course, the core idea is to load the accessory with the same semi-naked DNA that’s made Nothing, what it is. To compete with the likes of Bang & Olufsen, Marshal, JBL, Bose, Anker or Sony is not going to be easy; but with stand-out design aesthetics, Nothing might just bring home the advantage.

Dubbed Nothing Bass (1), this portable speaker in Black or White color will be the perfect conversation starter for any house party. Combine this with the addition of LED lighting that synchs to the rhythm of beats, and no one will be able to keep their eyes off this gadget. The speaker’s cone touches the transparent housing, sealing everything inside off from the outside elements. Seeming just like a glass décor that elevates the feel of any living room.

The touch-sensitive volume controls on the back add another element of coolness to the Nothing Bass (1) speaker. All the other toggle elements like play/pause, next/previous track and Bluetooth pairing reside on the bottom front for easy accessibility. The speaker’s geeky personality is topped off by the big illuminated Nothing logo in cool white on one side. If only the version could have a small superimposed display with Album Art, current playing track and artist information; that’ll be the icing on the cake.

Without any doubt, such a portable speaker would be a head-turner any place, anytime. Would Carl Pei be intrigued by the idea? That’s if he has not got anything better churning up right now in his creative factory!