Kerbal Space Program Gets Its Own LEGO Set With A Detailed, Modular Space Shuttle

If you remember this gem of a videogame from back in 2015, you’ll be glad to know that the Kerbal Space Program now has its own dedicated LEGO set. While the game was an incredibly detailed space program simulator, its respective LEGO set is just as intricately made, complete with an entire space shuttle that has separating modules, afterburners, satellite dishes, solar panels, a lander, and two Kerbal astronauts with their own flag. The Kerbal Space Program LEGO set was pitched by master-builder Sam67c on LEGO’s Ideas forum (its forum for fan-made creations) and has since cruised past its 10,000 vote threshold. LEGO’s internal team is now in the process of reviewing the submission, following which it will be converted into a retail box set for anyone to buy!

Designer: Sam67c

Sam67c’s MOC (My Own Creation) is a highly detailed build that allows you to create your own spaceship and modules, or build out the standard ship from the videogame with the Mk1-3 Cockpit that fits two kerbals inside. For people looking to go all-out, a schematic below shows exactly how detailed the space shuttle is, with multiple modules connecting to one another using 4×4 or 6×6 circular plates. “Engines, fuel tanks, batteries and cockpits all connect vertically, while solar panels and RCS tanks use clips positioned around the circumference of major parts,” says Sam67c.

Probably one of the most intricate builds we’ve seen on the LEGO Ideas forum, this MOC mirrors the detailed nature of the KSP game. The sandbox-style space flight simulation video game allowed players to detail their own space program and design spaceships while taking into account factors such as gravity, aerodynamics, and fuel consumption when designing and piloting their spacecraft. The main objective of the game was to successfully complete various missions and explore the Kerbal planetary system.

The Kerbal Space Program video game gained a dedicated cult following due to its realistic physics, challenging gameplay, and open-ended nature. The game offered a unique blend of creativity, strategy, and problem-solving, as players would have to overcome the challenges of space travel and exploration. It’s said that many NASA engineers also played the game to run experiments in ways that their more unforgiving real-world environment wouldn’t allow them to do!

With the Kerbal Space Program LEGO build, the game now enters into the realms of physical reality, letting builders and enthusiasts actually take a more hands-on approach to spaceship construction. The official review from LEGO’s internal team begins in September, and hopefully, we can expect the box set to ‘launch’ on shelves either at the end of this year or early next year!