This penny-farthing hoverboard is a pretty old-fashioned piece of new technology!

The penny farthing was a notoriously difficult cycle to ride, given its disproportionate wheel size. The idea behind it was rather elementary, in that if you make the pedaling wheel larger, it covers more of a distance, giving you more speed. This was long before geared bicycles were even a concept. The penny farthing, although a pretty impractical bicycle framework, got memorialized simply for its memorable silhouette… and with Ye Jin Jung and PDF Haus’s latest hoverboard design, the penny farthing is brought back into the limelight!

The three-wheeled hoverboard comes with an old-world antique touch, but houses the latest last-mile transportation tech. A primary larger wheel on the front propels the hoverboard frontwards, while two smaller wheels at the back give it its penny-farthing-inspired aesthetic, while also lending the vehicle its stability. Given the hoverboard’s conceptual nature, there isn’t much information on how one would maneuver this automobile (I suspect it could easily be wireless-remote-controlled), but I do see headlights on the front of the penny farthing hoverboard, right above the front wheel, indicating it could be operated at night too!

Designers: Ye Jin Jung & PDF Haus