Innovative Self-Inflating Bicycle Helmet Redefines Safety While Staying Ultra-Compact

If in this era of pollution, pandemic, and panic, you aren’t already a bicycle person, it’s high time you convert into one! Bicycles are slowly becoming people’s preferred means of transportation. People are ditching the fossil fuel consuming and air pollution causing automobiles for the more eco-friendly option of bikes. Not only are bicycles a boon to the environment, but they also promote good health and ensure we get our daily dose of physical exercise done. In fact, you can even upgrade and amp up your bicycle with some fun and functional accessories. And, an excellent bicycle accessory that prioritizes safety and functionality that you should definitely get your hands on is the Bumpair 2.0.

Designer: Bumpair

A couple of years ago French company Bumpair designed a super cool inflatable helmet. Bumpair went on to team up with a scooter share company in France, and together they offered the helmet with a rather innovative feature – the minute you unlock one of their scooters, you need to simply hit a button on the app, and the helmet automatically inflates! This was the first version of the helmet, and now Bumpair has unveiled the 2.0 version! Bumpair 2.0 is a portable bicycle helmet that is supposed to provide “up to 4x more [protection] than a classic helmet”.  When you want to use the helmet, you simply inflate it with a hand pump, deflate it once you’re done using it, and keep it away for storage.

Compared to the first version, Bumpair 2.0 is supposed to be much more comfortable! The surface and shape of the helmet are better controlled, so you don’t feel any discomfort or pressure on your head once you wear the helmet. The straps have been better adjusted, providing you with an all-encompassing, comforting, and reassuring feel.

The bicycle helmet has a pressure indicator integrated into its design, which serves as a simple, reliable, and easy-to-use system, that can you access by simply pressing a button, and checking the correct pressure of the helmet before you begin cycling. The Bumpair 2.0 is priced at USD $287, and will be available for sale shortly!