Incredibly Handy 6-in-1 Multitool Has A Built-In Adjustable Wrench And Fits In Your Pocket

A purpose-built multitool that’s perfect to stash in your backpack, your car, bicycle kit, workshed, or even your pocket, the OUTU 6-in-1 multitool gives you all the tinkering tools you need to open, assemble, or repair anything around you. The handy multitool occupies about the same space as a large USB stick when closed (measuring just 4.5 inches long), but open it out and you’ve got yourself an adjustable wrench, prybar, bottle opener, knife, Philips-head screwdriver, and a sleeve for attaching S2 hex bits to your multitool to work with a wide range of screws.

Covering practically every day-to-day scenario where you’d need a multitool, the OUTU 6-in-1 Multitool EDC is compact enough to be hyper-portable, useful enough to get the job done, and then even lets you crack open a bottle of brewski after a hard day of work!

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The multitool comes in different accented color options, giving you the ability to choose between vibrant orange, red, blue, or a classic black. The EDC sports a foldable design reminiscent of the pocket knives we’ve been seeing for over a century, however, it also fashions itself with a select set of tools that are much more necessary in the modern age. A blade gets you through rough situations where you need to slice ropes, whittle wood, or cut open boxes, while the adjustable wrench lets you tinker and toy around with everything from furniture to bicycles to potentially even your car. The prybar doubles as a flathead screwdriver, and there’s a dedicated Philips-head screwdriver too, but combined, they let you dock a mounting sleeve to install S2 hex bits. This, in my opinion, is uniquely game-changing.

The adjustable wrench (or pliers if you tend to use that terminology) helps easily tighten or loosen bolts. The wrench jaws open to an impressive 24mm and are built at an angle, providing up to 65 kilograms of torque to let you twist open or twist to tighten even the toughest bolts or nuts.

The OUTU 6-in-1 Multitool also comes with its own set of hex-bits, and a mounting sleeve that lets you attach them to the multitool. The bit sleeve (shown in the image above) mounts on the flathead and Philips head screwdrivers when opened. Both of them open to form a square-shaped profile that fits the sleeve perfectly, while its other end lets you magnetically mount any of the 9 hex bits that come with the OUTU.

Whether you’re looking for a handy multitool to fix stuff around the house, or an EDC to carry around while bicycling (just in case your ride needs fixing), or even if you want to add a nice tool to your workshop arsenal, the OUTU 6-in-1 Multitool makes for a rather compelling (and affordable) purchase!

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