A kiridashi with a raw aesthetic and a brutish appeal!

You wouldn’t be the first one to wonder what sabertooth bone the Sankaku 2 kiridashi was carved out of. The blade comes with a remarkably beautiful texture to it that feels primitive. The kiridashi, however, is surprisingly handy, and comes with a sharp, versatile blade. The knife measures an overall 110mm in length and comes hand-forged from D2 steel – an older, proven tool steel, relied upon in industrial settings for making some of the most durable cutting and metal forming tools possible. Needless to say, this allows the Sankaku 2 kiridashi to outperform itself and retain its edge while doing so. The blade is further made wear-resistant by cryogenically treating it.

The Sankaku 2 is pretty useful as an outdoor knife. Designed to be small enough to entirely fit in the palm of your hand, the kiridashi is perfect EDC material (it does come with a leather sheath), and that scalpel-style blade is ideal for cutting, slicing, piercing, or even whittling away outdoors!

Designer: Vasverblades