The 1970 Volkswagen Beetle gets a retro transformation, converting into a Swiss cabin on wheels

The Holzhaus Beetle is not your average vintage car or a traditional RV. It started out as a standard 1970 Volkswagen Beetle before a team of Swiss craftsmen put it through a complete transformation in 1995. They turned it into a Swiss wood cabin on wheels complete with a sofa, functional kitchenette with fireplace, and windows filling the cozy space with ample natural light.

“Holzhaus” derives its name from the German word meaning “timber house.” It epitomizes a classic wooden cabin – found in parts of Europe – using a 1970 Beetle 1302 as its base. The chassis, front and rear parts, and the engine of the VW Beetle remain intact, while the central steel body of the car is replaced with a meticulously handcrafted wooden cabin. Forming an ideal home on wheels for a solo traveler.

Available at: Catawiki

The attention to detail in the Holzhaus is awe-inspiring. From the customized wheel covers to the cleverly painted front and rear bumpers to resemble the central wooden construction, every aspect of this cabin exudes charm and craftsmanship. The driver and passenger seats feature sturdy steel frames topped with wooden slats for matching rustic elegance.

Step inside this wooden cabin on wheels, and you’ll be greeted by a warm and inviting interior boasting a wooden sofa with a round table for dining and socializing needs, a kitchenette complete with a fireplace and chimney, and windows you can open for light and fresh air. The walls of the Holzhaus Beetle are adorned with wood paneling and are decorated with paintings that add a touch of whimsy to the interior.

If you’ve fallen in love with this one-of-a-kind log cabin, you’ll be thrilled to know that the Holzhaus Beetle is currently available for sale in Italy. It can be attained for $30,000 odd, but it comes with an Italian license plate. Before hitting the market, the Holzhaus has functioned as an Alpine Club’s base for parties and festivals and as a bar under its previous ownership. Interestingly, Halzhaus has a tow hook for towing small trailers behind, just in case you want to include a few people in your adventures.