The ‘Sword’ Linear Macro Pad Gives You An Entire Row Of Shortcuts Right Above Your Keyboard

It’s almost as if your keyboard was wearing high heels…

Meet the Sword, a pretty aptly named macro pad that gives you 12 extra keys in a slim form factor that you can place right above your keyboard for that extra boost of functionality. Armed with a customizable design (and a rotary knob too), the Megalodon Sword Macro Pad takes your advanced work setup and makes it a touch more productive by giving you access to multiple shortcuts with just the push of a button.

Designer: Megalodon

Available in Yellow, Red, White, Black, and Soy (or off-white), the Sword is like EDC for your keyboard. Measuring 11.5 inches in width and just 1.5 inches in depth, the sword-shaped pad’s unique linear design complements most keyboards rather well by providing an extra row of keys without eating too much into the workstation’s real estate. The keyboard comes outfitted with mechanical keys that provide an incredible tactile experience, and rubber-bottomed feet so your keyboard doesn’t shift while you smash away at your shortcut keys through the work day.

Each Sword comes machined out of 6061 Aluminum, with 12 blank, customizable XDA keycaps sitting right above Gateron yellow switches for that ultimate tactile appeal. A USB-C port lets you hook the Sword to your current rig, and that clickable knob on the top gives you the ability to fine-tune controls or cycle through options within any software. The keys themselves have 6 layers of functionality too, allowing for a whole lot of customized that changes from program to program.