This UV light sterilizer gives you a 99% bacteria-free toothbrush!

Those $5 Steripods certainly aren’t the best protection for something that stays in the bathroom all day and goes in your mouth. BASE is a minimal toothbrush sterilizer designed to upgrade your oral healthcare routine using the latest UVC LED technology to kill 99.9% bacteria.

BASE is a conceptual sterilizer that is aimed at providing the maximum level of oral hygiene and safety to you. Toothbrushes hold more than 10 million bacteria which is more than a toilet seat so it needs more than a plastic cap to stay clean and protected. UV rays at 253.7 nm wavelength are used as a bactericidal and within 5 seconds BASE kills 100% of the commonly found germs. In a complete 40 second cycle, it also kills 90% of spore-forming bacteria and it is recommended to sterilize the toothbrush for a full 2 minutes for the highest level of hygiene. The device encloses the toothbrush just enough to contain the UVC radiation to the area required (bristles, head, and neck of the toothbrush) while also allowing the right amount of convective airflow to help dry the toothbrush.

The silicone holder is pressure mounted for easy installation and removal for cleaning. The smooth mirrored finish provides an optimal ray bounce surface for UV light so it can efficiently disinfect the toothbrush and itself. It also records your brushing habits in the app so the data can be referred by you or your dentist. There is an added PIR sensor that will only activate the sterilization when nobody is in the room for extra safety. It senses the motion around it at all times within a 3.5m radius at an encompassing angle of 176 degrees. I also love how it has a subtle timer feature that helps you pace your brushing and complete the recommended 2-minute habit of cleaning. The OLED display and UVC LED use power efficiently so BASE can go up to a month without a recharge and when needed, you can use a USB Type C cable. It is an aesthetic, modern and highly-functional toothbrush holder and sterilizer that gives your oral health and bathroom an upgrade!

Designer: Neutron Her

base 4


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