From Smart Curtains to Climate Control: Save 40% on SwitchBot Smart Home Gadgets This Prime Day

There’s a small window of relief between winter and summer, when you don’t need a heater, and you don’t need an air conditioner too. As we approach July, sadly that window’s shut and so are the windows in our homes, so we can run the AC to keep our environments cool. Living comfortably shouldn’t be this complicated… or expensive. Which is why the folks at SwitchBot are determined to build unique products that help save energy and effort by making your life easier and your home smarter. This Prime Day, SwitchBot is announcing up to 40% discounts on all its popular products, from its smart curtain robots to its smart meter that can actively measure the temperature and humidity of any room, to its smart hubs that centrally control all your devices so you can go back to living in comfort and let the smart machines around you make life easier, efficient, and effortless!

Through Prime Day, SwitchBot is offering 25% off on every single one of its products, both on Amazon as well as on SwitchBot’s own website. If you’re reading this here, YD readers can get an additional 5% discount code YANKODS30 to save 30% off on ALL SwitchBot products. Moreover, with another exclusive 15% off coupon code YANKODS40, readers can save 40% off on SwitchBot’s best-selling products (you can read more about them below). Here’s a look at some of our favorite SwitchBot products and how they help cleverly automate your life while saving time and energy.

SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2

A winner of multiple design and tech awards, the SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2 remains SwitchBot’s flagship product and one of our favorites. Imagine if you could tell Alexa or Siri or Google to open or close your curtains for you… or imagine if your curtains were synced to your alarm, waking you up to fresh sunlight every morning. The SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2 is a nifty robot that attaches to your regular curtains, letting you automate them in a wide variety of ways. You could make them do things like open the curtains during the day to light up your place naturally and save on light bills, or conversely, shut the blinds when it gets too sunny, helping naturally cool your home and reduce AC use. You could even hook them to your smart TV and draw the blinds whenever you want to watch a movie or a game. The Curtain Rod 2 seamlessly fits onto any rod and operates on an internal battery. It conveniently charges via USB-C, or by linking it to SwitchBot’s solar panel add-on, ensuring a constant supply of renewable energy to power your smart home.

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SwitchBot Blind Tilt

If you’ve got blinds at home (or at your office), the Blind Tilt offers the same functionality as the Curtain Rod 2, in a design that’s compatible with all horizontal blinds that are operated by a wand or twisting rod. Attaching the Blind Tilt is a simple process that requires mere seconds (just like the Curtain Bot) and once you’re done, you’ve got yourself smart blinds that can be controlled either via voice commands or by smart routines. Imagine being able to say, “Hey Siri, we’re using the projector for a meeting, could you shut the blinds in the conference room?” and promptly watching all your blinds shut autonomously. If that doesn’t impress your client, I don’t know what will.

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SwitchBot Bot

Credited with being the first-ever IoT button pusher, and as SwitchBot’s first product, the SwitchBot Bot does exactly what you think it does – presses switches with its tiny mechanical arm! Designed to attach itself onto any surface using a 3M adhesive base, the SwitchBot Bot basically lets you turn regular switches and buttons into smart ones that can be activated by voice commands or by smart home routines. Attach one to your lights or fans and you can magically control them remotely or simply sync them with the time of the day. You could hook one to your garage door and have it open every time you get into your car or come back home from work, or you could configure your SwitchBot Bot along with your Curtain Rod 2 bot to open the curtains and press a button on your Nespresso machine just as you wake up!

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SwitchBot Meter Plus

While the previous products were command-executors, the SwitchBot Meter is a smart sensor that actively measures the temperature and humidity of your home in real time. The Thermometer and Hygrometer are designed to help inform you as well as instruct your other smart home products to keep your living conditions optimal. It can be programmed within the SwitchBot app to either turn on the air conditioning or start the smart humidifier if the humidity falls below a certain level, or shut the curtains if your home or room gets too sunny during the day. The Meter Plus is a perfect accessory for your home, but even more so for places like your wine cellar, greenhouse, kitchen, etc.

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SwitchBot Hub 2

Think of the Hub 2 as the brains behind all your SwitchBot products. It connects them all to the internet (so you can control your smart home from work, your commute, or even from another city), and is also compliant with the latest Matter protocol, allowing all your SwitchBot gadgets as well as other smart home appliances to communicate with each other in a way that truly turns your home into a smart home. With the Hub 2, your smart lights can talk to your smart curtains, or your lights and fans can automatically switch off when your smart doorbell sees you leaving the house, or when your smart door lock (yes, SwitchBot makes those too) detects you stepping out. The support for Matter gives the Hub 2 the ability to talk to all sorts of other IoT devices from different companies. If you’re looking for a simpler Wi-Fi and IR-compatible hub, SwitchBot even has a Hub Mini, which is available for just $23.4 with the discount code YANKODS40.

Click Here to Buy Now: $41.99 $69.99 (40% off total with coupon code “YANKODS40”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!