Your plant’s fitness programme


The Urban Planty isn’t like the other planter concepts you may have seen. Most concepts try to move towards making the plant self sustainable. Water once, forget about it for a week. The Urban Planty doesn’t sacrifice human interaction. It just targets making the plant grow healthier.

How does it do that? For starters, it comes with a stand for approximately 9 plants, laid out in a way that allows each to get a good amount of sunlight. Within the planter, a few design tweaks ensure healthy plant growth. A weed barrier prevents weed growth by cutting off all the sunlight reaching the soil. The urban baggie, made of jute, wraps itself around the soil, creating a breathable house for the plant. Jute even though organic, won’t biodegrade for at least 2 gardening seasons. The reservoir, lastly, at the base, helps collect excess water that can be used by the plant later on. It also has means of aerating the soil from below.

Going green has never been such a breeze!

Designer: Urban Planty