World’s first smart chain lock brings incredible durability and convenient security for your bike

Personal transportation devices such as e-scooters and e-bikes have joined bicycles and motorcycles as a popular means to get around places. Unfortunately, their popularity has also caught the attention of less-than-savory individuals who might have other plans for things that are not theirs. Making matters even worse is how traditional safety mechanisms like regular chains and padlocks haven’t been able to keep up with the times, let alone effectively protect your precious metal steed from more creative thieves. There are newer “smart locks” that offer convenience but fail to actually upgrade the protection itself. In order to truly protect your bike these days, you’ll need to upgrade your whole security strategy, which is what this innovative chain lock brings to the table, providing a smarter and better way to keep you from losing your precious property.

Designer: LINKA Design

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Your property can be insured when locked with the ART and Sold Secure certified* LASSO.

LASSO can withstand up to 2,100lb-f (9.5 kilonewtons) pull force. Good luck getting through that!

Every inch of the LINK LASSO is engineered to withstand any attack from different tools, including bolt cutters, hammers, and even hacksaws. The square manganese hardened steel chain provides toughness from within, while a 100% recyclable polyethylene sleeve protects the chain from the outside. The lock itself is protected by a corrosion-resistant stainless steel 304 frame. If it sounds like it’s built like a tank, it’s because it’s “obsessively engineered” to provide the utmost security for your bikes.

LASSO’s patented Quick Lock is fast. Lock and unlock in under 1 second.

Don’t worry if your phone battery dies. Simply enter your unique phoneless access code (PAC) into your LASSO and you’re back on the road in no time.

Despite all that toughness, locking and unlocking the LINKA LASSO couldn’t be easier and just takes under a second. Like most smart locks, you unlock it primarily with your phone, but you don’t have to fret if your phone dies even before you could get to your bike. Simply enter the Phoneless Access Code or PAC on the LASSO and you’ll be riding into the sunset in no time at all. Or you could opt to buy a SmartMotion Key (sold separately) to have a dedicated key to unlock the LASSO. The SmartMotion Key only broadcasts when it’s in motion, preventing any hacker-type spoofing attacks. Pairing a SmartMotion Key can extend the battery life of the LASSO from 3 to 12 months.

LASSO is IP 67 water & dust resistant. LASSO can be submersed under water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

The smart chain lock offers more peace of mind beyond durability and convenience. Its IP67 dust and water resistance rating means it will survive downpours and an accidental dip in a puddle. You can also share your access with family or friends through the LINKA mobile app even if you’re halfway around the world. But for those who try to take it without your permission, the LASSO will sound an alarm when it detects unwanted movement. Don’t worry about embarrassing moments, however, because Travel Mode deactivates the alarm to prevent it from getting triggered accidentally.

The LINKA LASSO is designed not just for bikes and scooters but can also lock kayaks, skis, and snowboards. The largest LASSO 10 Moto can even protect motorcycles, garage doors, and watersports equipment. LINKA is so confident in the chain lock’s durability that is generously giving a 5-year warranty with the LASSO. For just $139, you can get the LINKA LASSO Series 8 together with a SmartMotion Key, offering an unbeatable price to not only keep your bike safe but also give you peace of mind.

Click Here to Buy Now: $139 $194 ($55 off). Hurry, only 199/300 left! Raised over $180,000.