Tu Fin – Nordic Walking On Water

Update: Much has happened since the Tu Fin concept was first published on Yanko Design roughly a year ago. We been presented that they now have a full working prototype and well be showcased at the coming Munich Trade Fair Centre. Congrats to the Tu Fin Team!

Tu Fin is a new sport, operated with body strength boat. At 8 meters long, it offers place for a driver and one passenger. The driver is looking forward while driving the boat. The body movement activates almost all groups of muscles and ensures thereby holistic cycle-strengthening body training. With it Tu Fin connects the advantages of the fitness training with those of the Nordic Walking – a complete body Workout in free nature. The innovative fin drive is inspired from nature for and guarantees maximum acceleration without any noise. Entire Kraft from arms and legs transfers into the fin impact. Together with the flow optimized trunk achieves Tu Fin a maximum efficiency and Speeds up to 6,6 knots. The low tail serves as bath platform,and the front boat part as leisure platform.

Designer: I.Kiryakov, S.Ballmeier, K.Eichelberg & M.Dressler

First prototype of Tu Fin in full operation.